Start With Counseling

After joining yogamaze, you begin your journey with an appointment for counseling.

What is involved in counseling?

A counseling session includes a set of health assessments and setting a 3-month-goal to see the changes in your health. Depending on your general health, the session will include:


  • Checking your flexibility
  • Checking the quality of your breath; taking bhramari counts
  • Improving self-awareness and identifying practice variations to adapt to your limitations. This is an important step in your learning to ensure that you don’t inadvertently hurt yourself
  • Recommending positive changes to your lifestyle
  • Working with your diet (if needed)
  • Working as a team to identify ways to achieve positive results towards your goals

Our yogic counseling is based on the Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT)

Counseling is a highly recommended first step towards embarking on a journey of well being. Of course, your success will depend on setting achievable goals and your daily commitment to discipline yourself to achieve them.

This is the best investment you can do for yourself. Only you have the power to take the first step.

Lastly, a lot of this approach depends on having a general positive attitude.