I started going to yogamaze classes in April 2018 after being overwhelmed with many hours of exercise prescribed by physical therapists for treatment of fibromyalgia pain in neck, shoulders, upper back, arms etc.,ankle injury, knee injury and lot of stress. I was pleasantly surprised by Lata’s approach to teaching yoga taking into account each individual’s health concerns, I felt very safe working with her. She encourages everyone to listen to their body which is such a useful skill to learn for managing chronic pain. I never thought I could do yoga in my physical state but I was able to start group classes after just 3-4 personal sessions where she taught me modifications for advanced asanas so I could go at my own pace. Her yoga sessions are a combination of pranayama, mindfulness, self-compassion with a good balance of stretching, strengthening and balancing that after the class I feel energized, relaxed and centered. Strongly recommend Lata’s yoga classes to anyone who wants to use yoga to improve physical and mental well-being. 

– Sonali J.

I was suffering from lower back pain for last 2 years. During that time, I tried everything from taking steroid injections to doing physiotherapy and acupuncture! Nothing worked till I got into Yogamaze’s class. I have been in this class for last 3 months and for the first time in 2 years, I had multiple pain free days. I am not fully healed yet, but I am finally hopeful that I can get better. I continue to go this class and I highly recommend it to anyone with spine/back problems. Thanks to my instructor Lata for doing this focused class.

– Kalyan A.

I would like to strongly recommend Yogamaze for anyone who is looking to incorporate yoga therapy for back pain, neck/shoulder pain, stress management or general health, under the strong guidance of a trained instructor. I have been going to Lata for a couple of months now for a herniated discs in my lower back and neck. I have gone from everyday pain and massive headaches to being almost pain free. She has guided me through gentle exercises, gradually building up my strength and I can feel myself getting stronger. Lata is also laser focused on teaching me how to manage my stress with simple things like awareness, connecting with my breadth and pranayama.

She is truly committed to my physical and mental health. Her class sizes are small, her prices are reasonable and she pays 1:1 attention. As young busy moms we often forget to take care of our bodies and we forget that we can take better care of our children if we are healthy and strong!

 – Shivanjali S.

In Bay area, there are literally hundreds of studios dedicated to different styles of Yoga but only a handful that are really focused to wellness the way Yogamaze is. I suffered from chronic back-pain around 3 years ago, with episodes of pain that will constrain me to bed-rest 1-2 months of time. After trying every non-invasive methods suggested by doctors, I came to Yogamaze through a personal reference. After 2-3 months of regular practice, my pain started to disappear, naturally to get me hooked on. I am virtually pain free now, and as a side benefit to adopting Yoga into my lifestyle as taught by Lata, I gained so much more awareness about my mind-body connection, and ability to manage my stresses much better. Thanks Lata.

 – Janet P.

I was referred to Yogamaze by a colleague of mine after I threw my back at work and the chiropractor visit did not do much. After only about 3 classes by Lata, and a hot shower, I can stand on one leg in a yoga position I forget the name of, with absolutely no pain! It is sometimes hard to understand how such simple exercises and calming relaxation can help with physical problem so well. There is a reason why mindful exercises are becoming an area of modern medical study. Lata advised that with regular practice, I will prevent this from happening again. While I don’t get to go to her classes much, I am practicing her recommended sequence 2-3 time a week and so very thankful to her.

– Flavia M.

I’ve heard about yogamaze from Nextdoor and joined the classes in January and still continuing, infect my husband and 2 of my friends also joined in March and they are very happy with the results as well . I see a lot of improvements in my posture, I lost weight about 10 lbs with in 3 months, no pain anymore in lower back and in my knee, which I had problems before for couple years. The breathing exercises and meditation Lata is teaching are helping with the better sleep and teaching complete relaxation. I would strongly recommend Yogamaze to everyone, no matter of age or completion, or yoga experience. Thanks.

– Galina D.

Love this Yogamaze. It’s not only about Yoga, but it’s also about whole mind and body. Instructor Lata has a tremendous patient to give guidance to our youngsters to an adult. Her unique techniques help to learn fast. I have been fortunate to found this program, and willing to continue forever.

– Smiriti D.

My High schooler son was having some bad back pain issues and after seeing a doctor he was recommended to do some stretches and maybe even try yoga. At first he was doing some of the given stretches and some yoga exercises he found on YouTube. However, nothing was working efficiently enough to help him recover from the pain to return back to his soccer training.  We then found about this place and tried it, and both my son and I were amazed by the relief we felt as well as how relaxed we were after the first class. He was telling me just after the first class how even doing his homework felt a lot easier and less stressful. After going for couple classes his back become relieved and was able to slowly return to his sporty lifestyle. Even though he is in High school and the workload can be pretty high, I saw how making time for just once a week to go to yogamaze makes a really positive difference in their daily life.

– Radha K.

Our daughter joined yogamaze about 3 years back when she was in 6th grade. We have had great experience with Lata (teacher). Yoga helps with mind and body and our daughter has improved great flexibility because of this program. Would highly recommend yogamaze for all. Thanks.

– Rosy J.

Lovely place to start your Yoga Class.. I was able to learn all the importance of how Yoga helps you in your daily routine and from there everyday I make time for myself to do Yoga.. Yogamaze is absolutely an amazing center to start your yoga classes and Lata is an awesome guide teacher and knows how Yoga can change your lifestyle and inspires you to keep doing yoga,, I Thank her for my start to Yoga and Beyond !

– Shanti N.

We were looking for Yoga for my Son and was referred to Yogamaze. My son was not interested at any exercise nor playing at parks, so we were skeptical.  We met Lata and had a discussion for an hour, she suggested how every child is different, it was  an eye opener for us. The family is full of friendly people, Lata was a very patient lady, she explained the beauty of Yoga, advantages, how it will change our life, she also requested her daughter to show few Yoga pose, we liked and my son started going to the class. Initially my son resisted to the class, however due to Lata’s friendliness and Kindly words, he liked her and never said no. He went for several months and he started practicing at home,  it was surprising to us that he can do so many poses. I hoped to stay at Sunnyvale for few more years, however we moved to San Ramon and we still wanted to go to her place on every Sundays. however due to the distance we couldn’t continue. I hope she will change her mind and move to San Ramon.

– Suresh B.