Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT)

Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT)

Quick Relaxation Technique take minimum 3-5 minutes or more, depends how much time you have. It brings relaxation through deep awareness and regulation of the breath at the abdomen. Deep abdominal breathing is very effective in calming an agitated mind.

QRT can be done in Shavasana (corpse pose) , lying down or sitting on the chair.

How to do QRT?

Lie down or sit on the chair. Start observing the movements of abdominal muscles going up and down as you breath in and out normally. Observe this about 5-7 cycles.

Now synchronize the same movement with slow deep breathing. As you inhale your abdomen is bulging up, while exhaling abdomen is sinking down close to your spine, feel how your breath and belly are well synchronized. Observe this about 5-7 cycles again.

As you inhale deeply and slowly, energize the whole body and feel the lightness. As you exhale release the tension and collapse all the muscles, enjoy the beautiful moment and relax completely. Observe this about 5-7 cycles again.Chant A sound (A-kara) during exhalation.

Open your eyes with a few blinks when you are ready.