Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT)

Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT)

DRT takes about 10 to 20 minutes. It allow the practitioner to develop the skill of bringing awareness and letting go.This practice also allows one to transcend the mind and connect with their inner true nature, the source of wisdom and intuition in everyone.

How to do?

DRT can be done in Shavasana (corpse pose) lying down or sitting on a chair. First make yourself comfortable and relax completely.

With full awareness, mindfully scanning your entire body from toes to head and giving gentle mental suggestion to relax each and every part of the body one by one. Be aware of comfort and discomfort of each part of the body parts.

Now move your awareness from tip of the toes till waist region part by part. Totally relax the lower part of the body and then chant A sound (A-kara), once or twice and feel the vibration in the lower part of the body.

Then bring your awareness to the abdominal region (visualize all the vital organs into your belly and chest are) and move to neck area part by part, including your back and both hands. Totally relax the middle part of the body and then chant U sound (U-kara), once or twice and feel the vibration mostly in the middle part of the body.

Now, slowly move to the head region and bringing your awareness on each part of your head region. Completely relax the head region and then chant M sound (M-kara), once or twice and feel the vibration in your head region mostly.

Finally, observe your entire body from toes to head and relax, chant AUM together in a single breath, once or twice and feel the resonance throughout the body.

Slowly, come out of the body consciousness.

Now use your visualization power to imagine the vast beautiful sky and expend your awareness as vast as you can and merge yourself into the blue sky. Enjoy the infinite bliss, the blissful state of silence and all the pervasive awareness.

Slowly bring yourself to body consciousness and Chant “AUM” 3 to 5 rounds. Feel the resonance throughout the body, the soothing and massaging effect from toes to head, lightness, alertness, and movement of energy throughout the body.